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Hood Island Sizzle Real

The producers: Sabrina Roc,  Ira Levy, Kethiwe Ngcobo

Show Runner & writer : Jon Cooksey 

Casting Agent : Sharon Forrest

Jonathan, an optimistic Gen Z individual with a mixed racial background, finds himself stranded on a tropical island alongside his eccentric and diverse family. In a bid to win the affection of their non-binary best friend Tesh, Jonathan embarks on a quest to build his own utopia.

Duration:  Half an hour. Genre: Comedy. Style: Single camera. Tone: A clever blend of social and cultural commentary with physical humor.



Hood Island is an exciting TV show that captivates audiences with its unique asynchronous story arcs. With the potential to establish a strong brand through a web-series, the show introduces influential characters who engage with viewers on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Our innovative multiplatform storytelling strategy aims to appeal to a broader audience, particularly those who prefer non-traditional TV viewing experiences. We have three compelling narratives unfolding simultaneously across different platforms: a captivating linear TV story, an engaging web series intertwined with social media, and an immersive VR experience that progressively transforms into a complex game. Get ready for a thrilling and interactive streaming broadcast like no other.


Hood Island, a fictional tropical island in the Caribbean with the Arkin mansion, will be brought to life using Virtual Production. By creating a photo-real tropical island setting, we can immerse the actors in a virtual world generated in real time. The series will be shot in a studio, with the virtual island displayed on LED walls. The mansion's interiors will showcase the virtual island through windows, with the exterior adjusting to match the interior lighting. Four key "exterior locations" will be featured, including a roadside shanty bar, a real sand beach surrounded by virtual palm trees and ocean, a majestic deck overlooking the ocean, and a pool and deck behind the mansion. Additionally, a fire pit will set the stage for night scenes. This innovative approach combines physical props with virtual surroundings, delivering a captivating streaming experience.

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