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Oohpwa  & Friends 


The producers: Sabrina Roc

Concept  : Sabrina Roc 

Book Series writer: Sabrina Roc

Producers : Happy Camper & Wojack Productions 

Show Runner :Martin Cright 


Oprah is a superhero Yorkie who helps children and their families love each other differently when one of their loved ones is no longer themselves due to an invisible monster (illness) that disrupts their lives


This concept  highlights the power of love and the ability to reinvent oneself through non-judgment and holistic community support. Oprah is the superhero Yorkie who travels from family to family through children's imagination, helping them to love on new grounds. Humor, tenderness, magic, animal therapy, compassion, and superpowers are all part of Oprah's super tools.



I started by creating the main character's universe as a brand image, then developed a cross-media narrative concept. In addition to the book  series Release  of book 1, available for pre-order in late September 2024 and available in November 2024) which will be distributed on multiple platforms including book stores (Walmart, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble), cultural and community centers, and libraries. Furthermore, a dedicated website will be provided to readers and their children, offering various interactions and educational games, along with a free newsletter subscription. Once the scriptwriting for season 1 is completed, micro-narratives presented by Oprah (maximum 20-second vignettes) will be available for our members and shared through appropriate social media platforms.

We will tell the story in various complementary narrative forms on different platforms to engage our audience. The main program, consisting of 7 episodes of 8 minutes each, will be available for on-demand streaming and/or on television channels. Additionally, educational micro-narratives presented by Oprah in short 90-second videos will be easily shareable on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. For further engagement, we will market a series of interactive edutainment books with augmented reality features through e-commerce platforms such as Walmart and Amazon. These books can also be utilized in community centers, libraries, and by professionals like family therapists, social workers, doctors, educators, family coaches, etc.

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