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The  Envious Paradox

"The Envious Paradox"

is an atmospheric psychological thriller that transcends genres, weaving together the complexities of polyamory, supernatural elements, and the dangerous power of jealousy. As the village's fate hangs in the balance, the battle between love and envy rages on, leaving a haunting question in its wake - can humanity overcome its own darkest desires?



In the heart of a small African village, a seemingly idyllic community lives harmoniously under the watchful eyes of ancient gods and spirits. But beneath the surface of serenity, jealousy brews among the villagers, creating a sinister and tense atmosphere. 

Ese, a young polyamorous woman, finds herself torn between two lovers, Ade and Kofi. Fueled by their own desires, both men become consumed by envy and competition, seeking to win Ese's love for themselves. As their jealousy escalates, the village becomes a battleground for their rivalry, with dire consequences awaiting.

Unbeknownst to them, the gods and spirits residing in the village witness the dark emotions clouding the minds of the villagers. Growing restless, these supernatural entities begin to manifest themselves, intertwining reality with the realm of the unknown.

As Ese becomes trapped in the web of jealousy, the god of envy, Moktoban, seizes the opportunity to teach the village a lesson. One by one, villagers fall victim to their own envious desires, experiencing the twisted consequences of their actions. 

Driven by vengeance, Moktoban toys with their deepest fears, forcing them to confront the paradox within themselves: the duality of love and envy. The once peaceful community is engulfed in a series of bizarre and macabre incidents, blurring the lines between comedy, horror, and thriller.

With each passing day, the villagers must confront their own insecurities and choose between surrendering to the darkness or finding redempti

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