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Hood Island Ecosystem

Revolutionizing Storytelling with Mixed Reality (MR)

Hood Island, our half-hour comedy series, embraces a unique multi-platform strategy. Our goal? To revolutionize storytelling through mixed reality (MR) technology. By immersing viewers in interactive experiences, MR pushes the boundaries of narrative and deepens their connection with characters and plotlines. This innovative approach opens exciting doors for audience participation, interaction, and revenue generation.


Stage Plot Institute - A Blended Virtual Incubator

Transforming Education with Augmented Reality (AR)

At Stage Plot, participants take control of their learning journey. This innovative platform empowers learners to decide what, when, where, and how they learn. By addressing distance learning challenges—such as concentration, motivation, and social-cultural barriers—Stage Plot revolutionizes education.


XR Collective Studio 

"The VR Collective Studio." This trailblazing facility offers unique leasing opportunities for motion pictures within the digital media industry. Catering to live-action filming, animation, e-sports and high-quality corporate advertising, the all-encompassing space also features coworking areas and a community education center. Environmentally conscious, the establishment is equipped with green generators, advanced solar panels, eco-friendly recycled materials, and cutting-edge AR/VR technology.

Projects  for EWOR Application

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